Excel Presentation Services, Inc.

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When it comes to being the “best in show”, it takes more than just experience and expert support, it takes proven top-notch equipment and media artistry. As you know, flawless presentation is crucial to your message and your success. And Excel Presentations is here to help make your event one to be remembered well after the show, more than that we want you to receive a standing ovation! We provide the confidence that comes from people who care about you and your project. As our founder says: “Customer First – No Exceptions!”
Excel Presentations is committed to raising your confidence by being a true strategic partner in your event. Confidence you’ll have by dealing with a nationwide team that has over 20 years of experience in the event technology arena – proven in cities like Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and more. We do more than rent equipment – we engage in your success. No other event technology source can provide you with the combination of information & office technology, staging & lighting, sound & video, print media and signage. Your Excel team provides you with the resources you need for building commercial-level engaging multimedia productions including powerful graphics as well as high-end delivery systems to delight your audience, and in partnering with Eyeclick® Systems as purveyor into the US for the events industry, we bring you the number one interactive immersion experience.
In short, Excel Presentations understands how vital it is to get your message across and make a lasting positive impression. We know how to help you make it happen, cost effectively and with style. We invite you to contact us for an estimate: When you call, we’ll discuss your project goals, your budget, the event environment (it matters!) and the expected attendance, as well as the program, software and hardware – all of it geared to you.