Moonshadow Mobile

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Moonshadow Mobile creates and hosts “Conference Apps.” A Conference App provides conference, convention, tradeshow and venue information on mobile phones. This can include agendas, speakers lists, exhibitor details, product information, floor plans, maps, hotel and restaurant information, and even the conference presentations themselves. Conference Apps provide one-click access to addresses, phone numbers, email, websites and directions. With a Conference App attendees and exhibitors have all conference information readily available at any time.
Moonshadow Mobile’s Conference Apps solutions cover the bases in two ways. On an iPhone the conference app is available as a download from the iTunes App Store. On other ‘App Phones’ the conference app is available as a mobile website accessed from your phone’s web browser.
Conference Apps help you “green” your conference. There is less need for printed manuals, floorplans, maps and product brochures. Schedule changes can be updated instantly without the need for additional printing. Attendees can take notes right on their App phone and email product information and links to co-workers without dealing with paper.
Conference Apps can generate new revenue from advertisers, exhibitors and local businesses via banner ads, company directories, full-page ads and even audio/video presentations. Usage of the Conference App is tracked through Google Analytics to give conference organizers and advertisers detailed information and statistics about visitors.
According to ComScore more than 62 million US Internet users now browse the Internet via a mobile device. More than 40% of professionals now use App Phones to get information. This percentage is growing rapidly as the vast majority of professionals are becoming accustomed to accessing important information on the go with just a few taps of a finger. In the next few years Conference Apps will become an expectation. The time has come for conferences, conventions, tradeshows and venues to “go mobile.”