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- L.B., Raleigh, NC
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- A.P., Portland, OR
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- D.B., Philadelphia, PA
"We are in the biggest Trade Show city in the world, you would figure I wouldn't need to advertise online - the business should just be banging my door down, well we still have to fight for it......Conventions.net really helps us level the playing field.  The site comes up for every search for all my keywords so I know I am getting great value, its as if I am on the home page of Google and its a fixed annual cost."  I highly reccommend that you advertise with Conventions.net"
- H.M., Las Vegas, NV
"We been advertising on the web for a few years now, and have had good and bad experiences with industry related sites.  I have to say that dealing with the people at Conventions.net has been a real pleasure.  whenever I have a question or need advice they are there....oh did I mention I also have generated some real business by advertising with them"
- L.S., Dallas, TX
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- M.M., NY, NY
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- R.M., Boston, MA
"We started advertising with Conventions.net back in 2007, and have found that there organic exposure seems to bring in good qualified prospects.  We have closed quite a bit of business by being listed on Conventions.net and we hope our competitors don't sign up, and we hope they aren't reading this :) "
- S.T., Seattle, WA

"We signed up with Conventions.net back in 2008, and we could not be happier!  For 1 annual flat rate we have brought in 6 new clients so far.  I like that they rotate everyone within a category, it gives me a chance to be #1!  Thank you to the team at Conventions.net"

- J.A., Denver, CO.
Texas Stage Rental is pleased to announce the completion of the John Deere Sales Convention at the Omaha, NE Qwest Center! This lead came directly from our advertisement and relationship with Conventions.net.  We’re thrilled with our relationship with Conventions.net!

Sound Mind & Events
- Robert Chapman, President
We purchased a Nationwide Premium Listing in October of 2008.  Since then we have generated 5 sales.  We couldn't be happier with our advertising on Conventions.net, we spent $1395.00 and generated over $9000.00 in sales."
- B.T., Salt Lake City, UT