WebEx, a Cisco company, creates on-demand software solutions for companies of all sizes. Our online meeting applications and software services help our customers all over the world fulfill their most ambitious goals for marketing, sales, training, and support.

We lead the world in online meeting applications. As evidence of this, more than 3.5 million people use Cisco?s WebEx products every month to communicate and collaborate online. And our 28,000 customers understand why we are the proven technology leader, with first-class global support.

Following the Cisco acquisition of May 25, 2007, WebEx products are being integrated into Cisco?s expanding portfolio of next-generation collaboration products and services based on Web 2.0 technologies. We are committed to advancing our technology without sacrificing the reliability and security that enables on-demand collaboration.

WebEx is the #1 web conference provider in the world
WebEx began with a vision: to use the Web to bring people together from around the world to collaborate and work collectively on creative ideas and business. When WebEx was founded in 1996, emerging digital communications standards, such as ISDN and Switched Digital Service, led to the development of video conferencing, a market which took off. Users were excited by the possibilities of extended learning, keynote events, and multimedia presentations combining live video and audio?without the time and expense of traditional conferences.

WebEx worked to overcome the common barriers of the user conferencing software available at that time. Most users found it painstaking?if not impossible?to customize these applications into a useful solution to meet their business needs. Also, video conferencing tended to focus on people and their faces?relegating to a minor role the information they were trying to convey. The result: a lot of conferencing software was sold, but very little was used.

WebEx began with a clean slate, taking advantage of Internet technology to design collaboration solutions that hide all the complexities. When you choose WebEx, there?s no need to worry about ports, platforms, versions, firewalls?or even the Internet. All you need to run effective online meetings is a browser and a phone. Collaborating with colleagues using WebEx solutions is as easy as point and click?making it effortless to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time.