TechNeat is the first company to introduce an innovative mobile wireless Lead Retrieval and Data Management device for trade shows and events. TechNeat?s goal is to create a data capture / retrieval process that would increase productivity, maximize ROI, enhance customer satisfaction and be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.

TechNeat?s devices include the ? SwiftScan, SwiftSwipe, and SwiftRFID. Each compact light weight device is easy to use and significantly streamlines the lead capture process. When leads are scanned they are instantly uploaded to the internet. The data is securely accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

Along with these popular, reliable and proven solutions, TechNeat also offers quality badge printing, outstanding and friendly customer service. Using TechNeat?s Data Collection products gives you the information you want and the data management tools you need to make solid business decisions seamlessly and in real-time.