Advanced Expo Solutions International

At Advanced Expo Solutions International, Inc. (AESI) our goal is to eliminate simple paper process, reduce daily repetitive task, and bring proven every day technology to the trade show and event industry while improving the bottom line. With AESI, technology can finally do what it is suppose to - save time and money. AESI is THE choice as a partner for a successful event with our many solutions. AESI offers our own user-friendly custom registration alternatives (EVSMinder?) including, but not limited to advanced, onsite and walk up self-registration. Many available features are total e-commerce payment processing, real time reports, total admin edit access, badge printing from anywhere, total trade show badge printing control for tickets, passes, advertising and more. 

AESI can even show how to let registration make money. The AESI lead retrieval 'Gizmo Jr' & 'Gizmo PLUS ' scanners , are quick, small, low cost, convenient and paperless (no electric required). Battery powered. Note taking. simple and proven. exhibitors and attendees love it. Get all your leads in Excel via email. Surveys, surveys, and more surveys. 

Audits, demographics, data collection - one of THE single most important aspects of any event. AESI makes this happen all across the country with any type of event. It is simple - low cost and captures 50% and more of attendees for 'real' results. Yes - we are also a complete in house full service trade show and event contractor. 

Since 1987, our operations team has serviced over 3000 events in 250 different convention centers. Often all that is needed is just a little extra operational 'boost' during your event. AESI can 'supervise your chaos' as needed as well. Our 'single source solutions' are ready willing and able to make your next event all it can be. Train new staff. Learn the latest in the industry. Make sure your way is the best - most cost effective way. Cost-cutting. RFP's. Contract review. Turn many of the above services into profit centers. Bring the 'been there-done that' hands on experience of AESI to your team on a as needed basis.