Veris Consulting, Inc.

We take the guesswork out of examining and measuring your tradeshow, exhibition or convention. Whether you want to know the percentage of delegates that stayed in the headquarter hotel at your annual convention, or if the exhibition industry is experiencing overall growth or decline this year, Veris can help. Our expertise ensures that your research effort results in the data you need.

Our tradeshow, exhibition, and convention research services include:

--Attendance Audits
--Event Surveys
--Economic Impact Studies
--Industry Studies
--Local CVB and Destination Research

Veris specializes in providing expert research services and the development and use of customized surveys. We ask the right questions of the right people using the right tools. We routinely use a variety of survey tools, including the Internet, email and telephone interviews, and we customize our survey instruments to most effectively capture the data that we are seeking.

Veris implements proven strategies to increase survey participation. We deploy user-centric surveys to reach targeted audiences and increase survey response rates. Our surveys have built-in logic checks to save responder time and enhance data quality. Based upon our survey results, Veris creates customized databases that incorporate data quality checks as well as provide a variety of reporting options.

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Veris Consulting, Inc.