ADF Security

Trade Shows and Conventions: ADF Security will develop a security plan for the show from the pre-event planning to physical move out of the show. We guarantee the show to be safe and affordable. ADF Security has been working with the facilities management teams of all the convention sites in Atlanta and New Orleans for over 25 years. This long standing experience exemplifies ADF Security's reputation in the industry. Individual Booth Security: ADF Security offers individual booth security for participants of the show that wish to have extra protection. Security guards and Supervisors are trained to recognize equipment out of place and to take precautions against theft. Consulting Services: ADF Consultations encompass the planning stages of the event to the closing and securing of the final door. Consultations include: site maps, location weak points, costs ranges, ideal situations, and past experience. Our goal is to make your show run smoothly and efficiently. ADF Security will walk you through, step by step, the vulnerabilities and hazards of the location of your show.