Charlotte Merchandise Mart

A convention center such as Charlotte Merchandise Mart in Charlotte , NC is an exhibition hall, or other building, that is designed to hold a convention. In British English very large venues suitable for major trade shows are known as exhibition centres while the term convention centre is sometimes used for intermediate venues between exhibitions centres and conference centres, which are much smaller and contain lecture halls, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

Convention Centers such as Charlotte Merchandise Mart are typically large buildings with enough open space to host public and private business and social events for their surrounding population areas that contain one or more conference halls. The Charlotte Merchandise Mart is a Convention center. Convention Centers typically offer enough floor area to accommodate several thousand attendees and rent space for meetings such as corporate conferences, industry trade shows, entertainments, and concert halls. Some large resort area hotels include a convention center.

Charlotte Merchandise Mart
800 Briar Creek Rd.
Charlotte , NC, 28205
Phone: (704) 333-7709 x3351,



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