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Moonshadow Mobile Moonshadow Mobile     Eugene, Oregon United States
Cyner Green Cyner Green  Cabot, Florida United States
Freeman Freeman     Dallas, Texas United States

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 As “green” options in the meeting and conference industry expand, environmentally conscious event planners, organizers and companies are finding that going “green” not only helps save the planet and resources, but also offers a wealth of other benefits and advantages. What exactly is a “green meeting?” After convening a Task Force on this topic, the Convention Industry Council presented this definition: “A green meeting or event incorporates environmental considerations to minimize its negative impact on the environment.” While environmental responsibility is a growing focus in the meetings and training industry, ARAMARK Harrison Lodging (AHL) has taken green initiatives seriously for years, and the company’s green responsibilities are not limited to smaller centers. For example, The National Conference Center (NCC) in Lansdowne, Va., one of the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced centers, recently earned “Green Seal” certification for using environmentally responsible products and practices. The AHL-managed conference center took steps to become Green Seal certified because they knew going green could have an incredible impact on the environment—and the bottom line—with energy and water conservation measures. What’s in an EcoRoom? An EcoRoom is painted with AFM Safecoat paints that are odor-free and non-allergenic for 99 percent of the population. Traditional coffee service is replaced with a single cup-service machine that uses organic, fair trade coffee beans and requires no paper filters or individually packaged coffees. Traditional ice buckets are replaced with Planet Coolers made from entirely recycled materials that guests are welcome to take home with them after their stay. Clock radios operate on batteries that recharge from any light source.