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Below are your search results for Show Publications. There are currently 10 worldwide listings in Show Publications. Find Trade Show Show Publications and Convention Show Publications on Click on any Show Publications results below to find the perfect company to help you with your Show Publications needs. Your results below will help you find the following: Trade Show Publications - Trade Show Magazines - Trade Show Dailies.

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Ascend Event Media Ascend Event Media  Overland Park, Kansas United States
International Trade Show Press International Trade Show Press  Washington, District of Columbia United States
Custom News - USAE Custom News - USAE  Bethesda, Maryland United States

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Whether you're planning a Convention, Trade Show, Conference, Meeting, or Corporate Event, regardless of its size; you'll find a wide array of Show Publications to choose from. We strive on excellence, reputation, and strong relationships with our advertising partners to ensure that you find only the best Show Publications. Connect with Show Publications by phone, email, or online.

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 Why do a Show Daily? 

Most companies and organizations are looking for ancillary revenue to grow their business. Show dailies, which are print publications produced for distribution at an event, are an excellent way to generate revenue with a high profit margin. Show dailies also help increase interest from attendees for specific exhibitors, generate excitement on the floor, and elevate the image of an event. 

You may want to do a show daily, but don’t have all the internal resources you need. Tradeshow Publications works with you to identify those areas and can fill in the gaps. Tradeshow Publications offers you a comprehensive menu of options: 

Full turnkey services that can include design, editorial, marketing and advertising sales 
On-site production and distribution management 
Or simply connect you to a reliable, low-cost printer. 
If you already produce a show daily, we can help you do it more inexpensively and will bid it for you at no cost. If you want to launch a show daily, we can help you figure out what your best options are and support you every step of the way.

How much money can I make on a Show Daily? 

Many of our clients achieve profit margins of 40-50% on their trade show publications. The main source of revenue is from exhibitor advertising and sponsorships. Tradeshow Publications can work with you to structure your costs to meet your overall goals

What’s the first step I need to take to do a Show Daily? 

First, take a look at your exhibitor list and determine the level of advertising or sponsorship support. Most exhibitors are enthusiastic supporters of show dailies. Typically, the daily gets into the hand of attendees either first thing in the morning when they open their hotel door or when they arrive at the convention center. The advertising, product write-ups, and event news draw the attendees to specific booths and show events, raising booth traffic and increasing your exhibitors’ satisfaction.

What do you mean by "turnkey" services?

Many of our clients don’t have the staff in place to write the show daily editorial or produce the show directory content themselves. Others don’t have a staff to sell the advertising. Give us a call and we can talk about what services you need to produce a show daily. 
On the editorial side, we have a large pool of professional reporters, editors, and designers. We can provide whatever you need – whether it is on-site reporters and editors to cover events of the day or on-site production. On the sales and marketing side, we have a group of experienced professionals who will focus on your publication, from promotional sales pieces to telemarketing.

I have an editorial staff, but how do I produce a Show Daily on site? 

A common approach is to write and produce a portion of the pages before the event and a smaller, specific number of editorial pages on site. We can provide all the on-site design and production services you need, including 24-hour management to make sure your show daily gets produced, printed, and distributed on time. 

How do I distribute a Show Daily? 

Getting show dailies to hotel room doors at multiple locations or to specific spots in the convention center and exhibit hall every morning can be a daunting task to the inexperienced. Tradeshow Publications can plan, coordinate, and manage all distribution, including hiring models, if needed.

If I just need to find a printer, why not do that myself?

It can be very difficult to find a printer local to the show city who does extremely time-sensitive over-night work. You also don’t know the quality standards and reputation of printers in a city distant to your own. Tradeshow Publications has a network of printers in event cities throughout the US and internationally. These printers have to meet our high level of quality, efficiency, and service. Tradeshow Publications brings volume to its printing partners, for which we get a fee and special discounted prices. These prices are passed on to you, and you have the option of working directly with our printing partner.

What value do Show Dailies have to attendees? 

The news, industry insight, product write-ups, and advertising help attendees use their time wisely by going to the booths most relevant to them. The more relevant the event is for attendees, the longer they will stay, the more they will buy, and the likelier it is that they will come next year.