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The best place to find Meeting and Event Services for Trade Shows, Conventions, Conferences, and Events.

Below are your search results for Meeting and Event Services. There are currently 70 worldwide listings in Meeting and Event Services. Find Trade Show Meeting and Event Services and Convention Meeting and Event Services on Click on any Meeting and Event Services results below to find the perfect company to help you with your Meeting and Event Services needs. Your results below will help you find the following: Meeting Services - Event Services - Meeting Planning.

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  Title City, State Country
Freeman Freeman     Dallas, Texas United States
Eventive Eventive  Montreal, Quebec Canada
EventScope EventScope     London, United Kingdom     San Francisco, California United States


Title City, State Country
Forum d'Ideias Setubal, Portugal
Chase Michael Meeting & Event Services Oregon City, Oregon United States

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Whether you're planning a Convention, Trade Show, Conference, Meeting, or Corporate Event, regardless of its size; you'll find a wide array of Meeting and Event Services to choose from. We strive on excellence, reputation, and strong relationships with our advertising partners to ensure that you find only the best Meeting and Event Services. Connect with Meeting and Event Services by phone, email, or online.

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 Meeting and event services companies provide no-charge site selection services. Meeting and event services companies are paid by the hotels for delivering definite group business through the introduction and closing of group meeting contracts. Meeting and event services companies free your time to concentrate on adding real value to the meeting itself by delegating the site selection process to meeting and event services. Since the site search is the most time-consuming part of meeting planning, freeing up this time can dramatically improve your ability to plan the most successful meeting possible. Meeting and event services companies don't "retain" or represent hotels, therefore focusing their efforts solely on client needs. Their job is to find the best hotel and communicate the needs of clients in the most efficient, thorough and professional manner. Meeting and event services companies maintain strong relationships with major hotel brands and independent hotels, combined with a reputation for industry knowledge an buying power are valuable resources for clients. Meeting and event services companies are fully engaged with clients and hotel contacts to insure that the meeting will be an operational success; by staying involved throughout the entire process, meeting and event services companies will resolve critical issues should problems arise. MEETING SERVICES - TRADE SHOW SERVICES - EVENT SERVICES