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GOŽMICE d.o.o. / HelmsBriscoe GOŽMICE d.o.o. / HelmsBriscoe   Ljubljana, Slovenia
Moonshadow Mobile Moonshadow Mobile     Eugene, Oregon United States
Membership Marketing Services Membership Marketing Services  Virginia Beach, Virginia United States
EventScope EventScope     London, United Kingdom
Exhibit Promotions Plus Exhibit Promotions Plus  Ellicott City, Maryland United States     Monroeville, Pennsylvania United States
US Data Corporation US Data Corporation  Omaha, Nebraska United States
Marshall Murdaugh Marketing Marshall Murdaugh Marketing  Richmond, Virginia United States

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 Trade show promotions are an important aspect of your trade show marketing strategy. 
Trade show promotions are designed to engage your potential customers through a personalized, multi-step marketing strategy that facilitates your ability to reach your event objectives. 

The concept of effective show promotion encompasses three areas: 

Personalized contact with your target audience prior to the event.
This includes pre-selling attendees through phone calls, personalized invitations, direct mail, email, or giveaways to introduce your products and encourage them to visit your booth. 

Marketing activities during the event to entice attendees to visit your exhibit. This includes interactive, hands-on activities, live demonstrations, audio-visual programs, giveaways (make them as distinctive as possible), and food - if permitted. Of course, a well-trained, professional, and welcoming trade show staff is essential to your success. 

Follow-up initiatives after the show with each individual who visited your booth to help turn leads into sales.

Send a personalized handwritten note along with an information packet or other appropriate material within a week following the event. 

For your top leads from the show, add a personal phone call to make a lasting impression and reinforce your commitment to service. 
In this age of intense email and other forms of electronic communication, a call to your valued prospects has a powerful impact and may help solidify the sale.

Warm, personal contact is the consistent thread in every aspect of marketing and trade show promotions. It is what can separate you from your competitors and reinforces the message of personalized attention and customer care. 

Taking an individualized approach will help ensure potential customers remember you positively and seriously consider giving you their business.