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Convention & Trade Show Massages

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The best place to find Convention & Trade Show Massages for Trade Shows, Conventions, Conferences, and Events.

Below are your search results for Convention & Trade Show Massages. There are currently 3 worldwide listings in Convention & Trade Show Massages. Find Trade Show Convention & Trade Show Massages and Convention Convention & Trade Show Massages on Click on any Convention & Trade Show Massages results below to find the perfect company to help you with your Convention & Trade Show Massages needs. Your results below will help you find the following: Trade Show Massages - Chair Massages For Conventions - Convention Massages.

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  Title City, State Country
JoyLife Therapeutics JoyLife Therapeutics  Denver, Colorado United States
Crosby's Corporate Massage Services Crosby's Corporate Massage Services  Orlando, Florida United States

Welcome to the Convention & Trade Show Massages Marketplace!

Whether you're planning a Convention, Trade Show, Conference, Meeting, or Corporate Event, regardless of its size; you'll find a wide array of Convention & Trade Show Massages to choose from. We strive on excellence, reputation, and strong relationships with our advertising partners to ensure that you find only the best Convention & Trade Show Massages. Connect with Convention & Trade Show Massages by phone, email, or online.

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 The Benefits of Chair Massage 

Office chair massage has become very popular for its portability and its capacity to offer therapeutic massage to a large number of people in a short period of time. Clients remain clothed keeping turn-around times short and helping to create a comfortable environment. Receiving just five or ten minutes of chair massage has been found to be effective for relief of aches and pains and reduction of stress. 

On-Site Office Massage 

Office Massage Quote & More Info 

Chair massage in the office has become commonplace. It's easy, fast and relatively inexpensive when compared with other employee benefits. Our therapists come ready to work when your company needs to relax or deserves a reward whether that's Wednesday morning, Friday evening or over the weekend. There are many scientifically studied benefits of chair massage as well as benefits to your business including: 

Employee Benefits: Decrease Stress 

Immune System Boost 

Improve Circulation 

Less Muscle Pain 

Headache Relief 

Improve Thinking 

Lower Blood Pressure 

Enhance Flexibility 

Employer Benefits: 

Increase Productivity 

Improve Retention Rates 

Decrease Absenteeism 

Lessen Stress and Ergonomics Related Injuries 

Reduce Muscle Pain 

Lower Stress Levels 

Chair massage is a 'water-cooler' event, it allows employees to interact on a non-work basis and gives you a chance to find out how your employees are doing. 

At Your Convention Booth 

Get Quote for Convention Booth Massage 

Offering free chair massage on-site at your convention booth raises your visibility and gives you a unique opportunity to talk to prospective clients that your competition won't get. We specialize in chair massage at convention booths because it is such a powerful sales tool that many of our clients use.